I. The booking form from the client constitutes a firm booking and agreement between us, unless booked via a venue in which case it may be an e-mail direct from the venue prior to the booking form being sent onto us.

II. If the booking form is sent back electronically then the e-mail will be receipt of accepting the terms and signing up to the booking confirmation.

III. Receipt of booking form should be confirmed back to the client to confirm booking.   If this is not received the client cannot assume the booking is in place.

IIII. If a deposit is required this will be agreed up front, if booked direct.  The deposit is non-refundable.  Other arrangements may exist when booking through a venue.


I. Any deposit made is non-refundable.

II. If the event is cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to the booking date the full amount is payable.

III. If the event is cancelled between 2-4 weeks prior to the booking date then 50% of the booking value is payable.

IIII. No charge is paid in addition to the deposit if cancelled with more than 1 month’s notice.  

V. Cancellations must be sent in writing (e-mail is accepted) and must be responded to, to ensure we are in receipt.  If cancelling the event, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the cancellation request was received.

VI. If the booking is postponed last minute due to un-foreseencircumstances, such as heavy snow.  Providing we are re-booked for the same event, within 7 days for a date no longer than 3 months into the future, and are available for the new date, then we reserve the right to charge for costs we are liable for so far.  These maybe equipment hire, or a DJ fee, but quite rare.   If the new booking is then cancelled at any time the full amount becomes payable.


I. Our packages are booked on generic equipment specifications and items, and unless specified and agreed, a certain model should not be expected.

II. If a specific item has been requested then this will be provided, or a close alternative provided for.

III. Should equipment be damaged whilst at the event by guests, through behaving inconsiderately, or purposely tampering with the equipment then the bill to replace at full retail cost or repair will be payable by the client.  Any payments for this should be made as soon as possible after the damage as there may be cost implications if equipment isn’t available to service other events booked in.  7 days is the maximum acceptable time.

IIII. Should equipment be stolen by guests then a full re-placement must be paid for at full retail value within 7 days.

V. The above two points are also applicable to venues where either the booking is directly for them as the client, or where the staff of the venue are responsible for the above points.

VI. Guests and staff should avoid touching controls, moving equipment or leaving drinks near to the equipment.  If staff at the venue are to move or use equipment this must be agreed with us prior.

Music policy

I. The booking form has space to include special requests and first song etc.  For specific important requests these should be e-mailed over.

II. Our music library is vast, but of course it would be impossible to own every single song produced.  We cannot guarantee that every request can be accommodated.  If requested beforehand we will discuss this with you.

III. We try to avoid playing large playlists where possible as this can disrupt the flow of the music over the night, which thus does not create a good atmosphere to dance.  If the client insists on a large playlist, we cannot be held accountable for music choice.

IIII. We cannot play any songs that are only available through websites such as youtube.  These are prone to viruses and would also violate laws that we need to adhere to. 

V. We have to consider the neighbourhood when playing music at events, and some events have sound limiters.  We will comply with venue policy where we are made aware.

VI. If the venue has a very sensitive sound limiter this can cause the music to cut out if there are sudden loud noises, such as shouting or clapping.  This is not a cause for complaint to us, as this is part of the venue’s policy and needs to be adhered to.


I. For direct bookings, payments must be paid prior to the set up of the event.  This can be paid via a bank transfer, or cash if on the day or via a cheque payable to Paul Williams.  Cheque payments must be received 1 week prior to event to ensure payment clearing.

II. For venue bookings payment details should be confirmed, as this will depend on the venue and the service booked.

Complaints and refunds

I. If in the rare event you have a complaint this must be notified to Paul Williams the following day after the event (or as near to as possible).  We will gather up the facts with the venue, service providers and the music log if needed to verify issues, which we can then discuss our findings with you.

II. In the rare event that the findings are substantiated we can look into whether a partial refund is applicable and to what value.

III. If the start of the event is late according to the booking form due to un-foreseen circumstances our side, such as a breakdown, we will refund £40 per hour for the price agreed or agree to provide the service for the time delayed the other side.  

IIII. If the event is delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, such as dinner was delayed at the venue, then no refund will be made if we provide a service for less time as a result.

The client refers to who is booking the event and paying for the event.  Where clients book through a venue, the venue take on the responsibility to confirm bookings and cancellations.