with PW Audios

Your wedding is a very special day for you, your family and friends. Thats why we take every measure to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Leading up to the day I will ask you to have a think about your first song, last song and maybe some favourite songs you may like to hear throughout the evening, there may also be a few songs you hate and would prefer us to stay clear of!  

We do emphasise that we do read the crowd and try to please what range of music they are enjoying, and welcome any requests along the way.We are conscious of volume levels and will not play the disco too loud, as your guests may not have seen each other for a while and will enjoy a chat, particularly so, in the early parts of the disco where we keep the volume fairly low, and play background music as your guests arrive.  

Once you have both done your first dance we can turn it up a bit and start the party.  Please also let me know if you have any special requirements for you first and last songs, as some couples like other family members to join part way through and I can then announce this.We can also provide some extra special touches for your first dance which is especially nice if you have gone to the trouble of learning a whole new dance together to perform. I can also announce any other traditions throughout the evening such as, the throwing of the bouquet and the opening of the buffet.  Just let me know before hand, what you have planned with some rough timings.I can also provide a PA system together with cordless microphone if you have a big hall, to make it easier for the guests to hear quiet voices.  This system can also be used if you having a wedding outside.

We hope you enjoy your special day.